India's first active stylus from the house of notionink



Works on all capacitive devices irrespective of OS or HW



Adjust sensitivity on the go!


Pro Pen Accurate | Universal | Beautiful

Designed with precision and detail, ProPen is India's first Active Stylus. ProPen does not need a digitizer integrated into your devices and is compatible with all kinds of capacitive touch screens. Now available on

Active Capacitance

ProPen generated it's own capacitance to simulate a precision touch event on capacitive touch screens.

Universal Compatibility

ProPen is compatible with all capacitive touch devices, irrespective of OS or hardware.

Adjustable Sensitivity

On ProPen you can adjust sensitivity or it's capacitance setting to suit your requirements.

Ergonomic Design

Crafted in black anodized aluminium and finely textured fingerprint resistant matte grip, ProPen is just 24 grams with battery.

Long Battery Life

ProPen lasts long, very long. Weeks long writing time, and a month on stand-by!


It goes to auto-sleep whenever the inbuilt current sensors observe no activity, so you can leave it on and forget!


Crafted in black anodized aliminium and finely textured fingerprint resistant matte grip. All this in feather-light 23 grams.

Smart & Compact Design
Sensitivity adjustment
4 USB Ports
Anodised aliminium | matte grip
Power Indicator
Laser precision
Stereo Speakers
Extremely light (24gms)
USB 3.0 & Power Connection
Pocket Clip
Ethernet & Sound On/Off Switch
On/Off Switch + LED
Keyboard Compatibility
AAA Battery Slot
Simple and Functional
Smooth soothing design

Rotating Nib


We wanted to design a Universal Stylus which works on all the devices irrespective of hardware or OS, with or without screen-guards/temper glass, or at any acute angle. Quite tricky! The ingenius solution was to design ProPen with a tip which can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the sensitivity for the desired use case!


Tech Specs Detailed Specifications

Body Aluminium and Plastics
Color & Finish Anodised Black and Black Matte
Weight 16 grams (23 grams with AAA battery)
Operating System No requirements, compatible with all OSs
Nib/Tip Type Active Capacitive with Adjustable Nib/Tip
Nib/Tip Diameter 2mm (no relation to drawn line thickness)
Touch Screen Support All Capacitive Touch Screens
Power Source AAA Battery (not included in sale pack)
Power Button Yes with inbuilt White LED indicator
Battery Life 40 Hours continuous line drawing equivalent of 1 week of writing | 30 days standby

Designed with Love in Bangalore, India.

ProPen is available at INR 3990 or free with Cain Signature Black!