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Register Your Warranty

To register your warranty click this link REGISTER WARRANTY

Below we have listed all the important documents pertaining to the product warranty, website policies, terms of use, copyright, cancellation, return and refund policy. Small snippets are provided which cover the main points. Links to the full document are also listed.


Cain Quick Start Guide

This document shares details on how to take care of your device, the device layout, the keyboard layout, introduction to the new Windows® Desktop (Start Screen), some important gestures and navigation tips, the Charm Menu, Basic Operations like sleep, shut down and security and how to install the 3G Ultrastick.
Cain Quick Start Document – PDF

Manual Activation of Windows® 8.1

This document covers the steps required to manually activate Windows® on your device.
Manual Activation of Windows® – PDF

Terms of Use

We reserve the right to monitor the use of this website, either in part or in whole. The purpose of monitoring the use of this side is only to evaluate the quality of service that we provide to you, the relevance of our services to you, the security of the site and to ensure compliance, among other lawful purposes.
Terms of Use – Full Document

Copyright Notice

You may print or download the contents of this website for your personal use only. We have added a share-able section in the downloads where all the content you may need would be there. Please use that section.
Copyright Notice – Full Document

Sales Policy

Products displayed on the website are owned by Notion Ink, and all purchases made on or through a partner (like Flipkart) are subject to this sales policy. Please review these policies and keep a copy for future reference.
Sales Policy – Full Document

Warranty Policy

For any defective or malfunctioning product, Notion Ink offers a cool Swap warranty. Notion Ink first ships you an fully functional device and then sends a representative to pick up the non-functional device. To initiate the swap, please get in touch with us – support@notionink.com
Warranty Policy – Full Document

International Warranty Policy

Please refer to the Internalational Warranty Policy document below. Based on your location, the policies might differ.
International Warranty Policy – Full Document

Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

This Policy applies only to Notion Ink-branded hardware Products purchased directly by the Customer after a direct interaction with Notion Ink with no intervening intermediaries or any such third parties has occurred. If you have purchased your Notion Ink Product elsewhere, please contact the store or such third party from where you made your purchase to know more about their return and refund policies.
Click here for “Cancellation & Returns” on Flipkart.com
Notion Ink's, Return & Refund Policy – Full Document

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