Welcome to a new era of computing with the Notion Ink Cain!

We could not be more excited to be launching our first ever Intel® – Windows® ultrabook and hope that you love it as much as we do!

Here are a few things you should do after buying the Notion Ink Cain.


Go through the Cain Quick Start Guide (QSG)

This document shares details on how to take care of your device, the device layout, the keyboard layout, introduction to the new Windows® Desktop (Start Screen), some important gestures and navigation tips, the Charm Menu, Basic Operations like sleep, shut down and security and how to install the 3G Ultrastick.
Cain Quick Start Document – PDF

Activate the Windows® 8.1

For the best experience, ensure that your Windows® is activated. To manually activate Windows® please follow the steps mentioned in the guide you can find in the link below.
Manual Activation of Windows® 8.1 – PDF

Activate your Office® 365 subscription

  1. Click or tap the Office® tile on the Start Screen
  2. Once open, click “Activate”
  3. Log in to one of your Microsoft Live email accounts, e.g. hotmail.com/ outlook.com/live.com
  4. Click on the My Account tab
  5. Hit the green Install button
  6. Run the program

Learn the Windows® Gestures

Windows® 8.1 has lot of sweet gestures which makes the overall experience better and faster. To learn them, go through the document found in the link below. You will be fully in control of Cain once you go through it.
Windows® 8.1 Gestures – PDF

Learn about Windows® 8.1 in Detail

Nothing can be a better resource to learn about Windows® 8.1 than the original website. Click the link below and learn all the features and secrets of Windows® 8.1 with Bing®.
Windows® 8.1


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