Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I really buy Cain and not any another tablet?
Will Cain run Windows 10?
I want to immediately talk to Notion Ink, what should I do?
I have read that Cain is 3G ready, what does it mean?
How do I extend the memory?
What's new in Windows 8.1?
Where do I download more apps from?
Can you offer any tips for using touch, a keyboard and a mouse with Cain?
What is the different between desktop apps and Windows Store apps?
What new security features does Windows 8.1 offer?
I want to download Anti-Virus Software, which ones should I look at?
Why can't I see Microsoft Office Icons?
What about Warranty and Support?
I need more than 10 devices, does Notion Ink provide any bulk offers?
I have an idea for Notion Ink, how do I get the message across?
What Operating System does Cain runs on, Windows RT or Windows 8.1?
Can I upgrade the RAM on Cain from 2GB to 4GB?
Where can I buy a screen protector/guard for Cain?
Where can I get the 3G ultrastick card?
I want to install lots of applications, what should I do as 32GB sounds low?


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