Velvett brushed, matte textured and soft with the finest of handcrafted engineering. The cover is something you will hold and want to hold longer. It is dark in color to stay invisible to dust. As it would age, it would form natural textures, unique to your usage only!


Aluminium build – The device is light yet strong, reinforcing the plastics used for designing the ports section. Cain is dark greyish-brown in color, and feels premium and professional.
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Connectivity is THE most important feature for a device replacing laptops or tablets. Cain has all the major ports you will need. To all the companies who refuse to add ports because they don’t know how to make it aesthetically pleasing, take a look at Cain!


Keyboard Stand
Folds up and keeps the device at an angle which is ergonomic for long working hours. The docking park of the Keyboard also has magnetic joints to keep the connection between the tablet and keys persistent.


Keys and Mouse
Mouse – check! Cain is bundled with a wireless mouse. Along with getting the ideal keyboard layout, we always had a wireless mouse on our minds. The mouse bundled with Cain is slim, yet suitable for large hands. It accentuates Cain’s and the keyboard’s designed with a matte rubber finish.


Patterned texture – The region on the back of Cain where you will hold it has a patterned texture for a firm and confident grip. The aluminium (which also acts as a natural heat sink) region has a brushed finish. Cain will always feel good and comfortable in your hands.


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